MSU visiting schools/interviews

<p>I've been hearing a lot about MSU admissions people visiting high schoools and admitting people at the school? True or Not? If so, can someone explain what exactly it is? Also, I am OOS and was hoping to get an interview of some kind, MSU is my number one school.</p>

<p>I had never heard of this until recently, but apparently it does happen. I don't know what schools they go to- you might want to call the admissions office and ask if your school is on that list (you can ask about interviews when you call, too). I don't <em>believe</em> that they do on-site admissions at OOS schools unless they're highly ranked or send a lot of students to MSU. I <em>think</em> someone on here was admitted with on-site admissions but I don't know who.</p>

<p>A few weeks after I submitted my application, the admissions counselor for my region (I'm OOS) called my house and said he'd like to meet with me at my school to talk with me the following week. At this meeting, he told me I'd been accepted to James Madison and that I would probably get into the honors college/ get some kind of merit aid. However, the meeting wasn't really an interview. In fact, he told me that MSU does not consider interviews in the admissions process. He just wanted to talk to me about all the opportunities available at MSU. To me, it seemed that the purpose of the meeting was to try and convince me to attended MSU. I don't know if this is really what you're asking about, but I thought I'd share my experience.</p>

<p>MSU actually had an onsite at my school, where we filled out an application a few weeks in advance and submitted it to our guidance counselors.</p>

<p>The adviser from MSU would talk with us for a few moments and then say if we were accepted or not.</p>

<p>I'm assuming this is what you mean?</p>