MSW student with International Focus

<p>If I am interested in international relations and global poverty should i continue my MSW program or transfer to a Master's in Public Administration? I just started my MSW program. I am worried that a MSW won't provide me with the tools needed for international work compared to a MPA.</p>

<p>Which MSW program are you attending? I think any top-brand name university (Michigan, Chicago, Columbia, Berkeley, etc.) will give you the tools, connections, and resources to participate in international social work. A dual-degree with public policy, public administration or international relations will also help in this regard if you are truly interested in policy and diplomacy work. Keep in mind these programs can be more quantitative and politics-focused.</p>

<p>I am attending Ohio State. I was looking at a Master's in Public Administration at OSU, but I'd have to do some prerequisites. I think I might just stick with my MSW. Will I qualify for jobs with the United Nations doing international relations/microfinancing with this degree?</p>

<p>Yes, but you will have to take the right international social work courses and network with the right people and places. Try to intern at the United Nations or similar organization during the summers to build you network.</p>