MT acceptances

<p>The letters for MT acceptance will be sent out by tomorrow morning. :)</p>

<p>oh wow! How do you know? Did you call?</p>

<p>I know they said March 30th but I wasn't sure if that means we will get them on March 30th or if they were being sent March 30th.</p>

<p>And is that just the acceptances? or is that all of the letters?</p>

<p>I know because I printed them out and put them in the envelopes :P</p>

<p>As of right now, I personally have only seen the acceptance letters, but I would assume that the rejection/waitlist/BA only letters will follow shortly. I will post again when I know more about that.</p>

<p>oh, haha!</p>

<p>They offer a BA program? I don't remember seeing it on the audition sheet. Or was it that you had to indicate it on your original application?</p>

<p>The BA is in Theater Arts and is only a 36 credit major as opposed to the 66 credit BFA; the 30 credit difference lies in the dancing/voice requirements for MT majors and the various scene studies/techniques for Acting majors. All directing and tech majors fall under this category as they obviously have no performance requirements beyond Acting I.
There are people in our program that have started as BA and then re-audition into the BFA.
Most people are automatically considered for the BA if the auditor feels that they are not ready for the BFA, but there are some that specifically indicate BA such as directing majors (who also have to audition).</p>

<p>I just got my acceptance into the BFA Musical Theatre program!!!!</p>

<p>For those who have still not received letters-</p>

<p>I just sealed some more decisions today and I just found out that there a couple MTs that Amy is still deciding on so those will go out by Thursday.</p>

<p>My D has decided to go to Pace so I've sent in her other "No thank you" letters! I'm so thrilled for her but we can't make it this weekend to CORE. Will there be another event for MT majors?</p>

<p>The CORE isnt like a 'big deal' its just a pre-orientation event for people to meet each other and learn more about the school before that May 1 deadline. Orientation should be the next event and those start at the end of June and then their are several weekends throughout the summer. You can try to network with people from here beforehand so that your daughter can room with another MT major rather than a random person.</p>

<p>Thanks Hillary! So, Anyone want to talk about housing for MT students? Do you think it's better to room with another MT student or someone from another major for diversity's sake? I sent in the housing deposit but there wasn't a space on the Pace Housing form to request a roommate. How would you do that?</p>

<p>you can request them at orientation for sure; im not sure if you can do it beforehand...</p>

<p>as for rooming with theater majors- a bad roommate is a bad roommate MT or not haha -- its just luck of the draw even if it is someone from your major. people who are completely satisfied with their roommate freshman year are LUCKY. until you come and really see who the other najors are, what dorm life is like.. there is no way to tell.
i mean i live with a non-major and hate it. but its not because she isnt a major, shes just not such a good roommate :/</p>

<p>I just got a call from Amy Rogers notifying me of my acceptance for fall 2008 for the musical theater department!
I am so excited!</p>