MT Decisions 2017

Does anybody know when musical theatre decisions come out? Thank you!

According to the AU admissions Twitter, decisions are going out this week and we should get our letters in the mail by April 1st!

@itsourtime Thank you!

Received notification today via snail mail.

Didn’t have to wait for too long! Just got my acceptance in the mail! First MT acceptance so I’m very excited!! Good luck to everyone with upcoming decisions!!

I got in, too!!! Congrats!

I got an acceptance in the mail but it is very unclear if I got into the MT department or not. IT said MT was my intended major. Anyone else get this as well?

I got a letter stating that I was put on the waitlist for American, but there was no mention of my major… I’m not sure what that means!

@rachelmalaga @jessieburnett when i got my acceptance letter, there was a specific letter from the program director saying I was accepted to the major, and a write-up from the professors who conducted my audition saying what I did well and what I could work on. If you didn’t get any letter I would email or call AU and/or the theatre department to be sure.

Hey everyone, congrats on your acceptances! I was accepted into the Theatre program and i’m making a GroupMe chat for both Theatre and MT so that we can get to know each other :slight_smile: Theatre and MT are almost identical the first year so we’ll probably be taking most classes together! Message me your number either here or to my FB page ( if you would like to be added! :smiley: Can’t wait to meet y’all in the fall! <3