MT Director Retiring

<p>I understand Dominic Missimi will be stepping down at the end of this academic year (June 2010). Does anyone know who will be taking over and how this will affect or change the program?</p>

<p>I don't remember seeing an official announcement, but from what I've heard and according to this article Bell</a> Named Donald G. Robertson Professor of Music Theatre : Northwestern University Newscenter, David Bell has been named Director of MT, which will be a very positive thing for the program.</p>

<p>David is an award-winning director and choreographer and a wonderful person. I should let an NU student or faculty member give the detail, but my son is a senior and has been David's student since '06, and has performed in productions with him as director, both at NU and in regional theater. David has been a wonderful mentor and my son thinks very highly of him.</p>

<p>My son is currently a freshman at NU and also has nothing but wonderful things to say about David. He, too, is of the understanding that David will succeed Dominic, and he is very much looking forward to working with him.</p>

<p>Sounds like the transition will be seamless and led by a true veteran</p>

<p>kardan......I thought I'd jump in to this conversation also. My son is a junior and friends with edmondsg and perischack's sons. David Bell is remarkable to work with ...... I'm sure the program will grow and thrive with him at the helm. And I'm guessing Dominic will remain close by, working on projects....etc.</p>

<p>I heard third hand that David Bell is leaving, too. Anyone have more information?</p>

<p>No, and I can't imagine that happening anytime soon. Are you an NU student or parent, or neither?</p>

<p>Neither. I heard this via an alum who is ostensibly tight with the theatre department. I am asking since it was second hand information.</p>

<p>I doubt this is true since he was just granted tenure. Maybe it was a consideration before that -- not sure.</p>

<p>Just want to qualify that the information in my last post did not come to me directly, but through students, and I have not tried to verify it. If I hear any official announcements, I will share them.</p>

<p>At an NU event I attended in NYC last week that was related to the Senior Showcase, Dominic Missimi informally mentioned (while thanking the audience for coming) that he'd only be Director of MT for a little while longer and that David Bell would be taking over soon. So there you go. David isn't going anywhere -- how do these rumors get started??</p>

<p>Last night was an amazing retirement tribute to Dominic, it was a gala filled onstage with Northwestern alumni from Broadway and Chicago musical theatre, current MT students and directors, composer, lyricists, etc. It was wonderful, I was so happy to attend. The torch has been passed to David Bell who is fantastic (and the reason my daughter chose Northwestern) but you haven't seen the last of Dominic, I feel pretty certain of that!</p>

<p>I agree on all counts. Last night was unbelievable. I was speechless over the level of talent on that stage -- every one of the performers was phenomenal, and even the presenters were entertaining. I was so proud of Northwestern, and that my son is graduating from there in a few weeks. Dominic was so gracious, and yes, I suspect he'll be on campus for various projects for a long time to come (and at the Marriott, of course)!</p>