Mt.Holyoke Vs Smith

<p>I'm a student from South Korea looking for great LACs that have great political science or IR program. Actually,. i'm not sure if i'll love the atmosphere of women's college. because i've never gone to schools just for girls before though many students from Smith & Mt.Holyoke said they did love their life at both schools. What college do you think has better Political science or IR program?? Which one is more easier to get in? Is the life at women's college good enough?</p>

<p>I know that a lot of students at women's colleges didn't go to single-sex high schools- I've only gone to coed schools, but I'd prefer to attend a women's college. It's really just a personal decision as to what you think you'd be comfortable with in college, and it's definitely not right for some people. If you give it some thought, read brochures from women's colleges, and talk to current students, you might get closer to figuring out if it would make sense for you.</p>

<p>Mount Holyoke has one of the largest proportions of international students in its student body of any liberal arts college, and I think that political science is one of the most popular and strongest majors. I don't know if it's better than Smith's program, though, and as to getting in, I think some students get into Mount Holyoke and not Smith and some get into Smith but not Mount Holyoke, so it's pretty even. I could be wrong, though. And since I'm only a prospective women's college student, I definitely can't tell you if life at a women's college is good enough. But I will tell you that it seems empowering, exciting, challenging, and amazing, and that the "vibe" on a campus where women have all the opportunities and make all the decisions is exhilarating.</p>

<p>Thanks. i have another question. Are they willing to offer FA to International students?
I hope they can...but i think that affects my admission a lot. I think my parents may be able to about $30,000 a year though they always say to me that i don't have to worry about my tuition fee. .......</p>

<p>Yes, I think that Mount Holyoke awards FA to international students.</p>

<p>What you'll want to do instead of post here is post on the Daily Jolt of both schools. and Look for "forum." They will give you insider information about each school. </p>

<p>I am a recent grad of MHC. I don't know what IR at Smith is like, but I can tell you about IR at MHC - it's fantastic. There is TONS and TONS of funding to do all kinds of summer internships (important because a lot, especially in fields like development, are unpaid). Even if that's not a huge consideration for you becuase you are able to take on unpaid internships, scholarships will boost your resume. Our language facilities are really good, though departments are small and underfunded. This is partially due to a shift in interest from majoring in languages to integrating language study into other majors (departments get funding over the long term based on number of majors). Our IR faculty is unparalleled for a small liberal arts college - in the 2007-2008 school year we had a former ambassador to Russia and a former national security advisor teach a class. I was taught by a former State Department official, my senior thesis advisor is quoted in major sources all the time (Reuters, just yesterday), and the head of the department has strong UN affiliations. Lots of women I know matriculated into the best schools for their masters study in IR (namely, Johns Hopkins' SAIS and Fletcher), which also speaks to the quality of the program. On top of that, MHC is one of the few schools to give financial aid to internationals, which makes for a very diverse and vibrant student body. Other resouces like the Center for Global Initiatives have really good speakers (former Afghanistan correspondent turned UN employee, as an example) and really cool events. I am currently abroad and the MHC network is also amazing - for a small liberal arts college not known on the global scale, I continuously meet people (mostly alums, but other affiliates) who know of the college, know of its professors, etc. If you have more questions feel free to post them.</p>

<p>Which one is more easier to get in? Is the life at women's college good enough?</p>

<p>In terms of admissions, they're roughly the same. I have no idea what you mean by "good enough," but I can say that women's college in general are going through an interesting identity shift. What is the role of a women's college in a country where more women graduate from college than men? What claim do women's colleges have to leadership when a lot of top women leaders are graduates of coed schools? I would say MHC could work harder to answer these questions rather than have a more outdated sense of the role of a women's college, one that relies on old statistics and using argumentation that doesn't apply to our world anymore. That aside, I think MHC does have the tools to bring out the best in you, which in turn will make you a strong woman leader. I will say though, I feel that there's a much higher percentage of women at MHC who have a sense of self worth than you'll find in "the real world," so I still have faith in the philosophy of a women's college in a coed world.</p>

<p>When males are given a boost in the admissions process at many co-ed LACs I would say that women's colleges are more vital than ever.</p>

<p>And women's colleges generally have a much greater percentage of women in teaching and administration positions, so role modeling is much stronger.</p>

<p>As a woman with a PhD in academia I can say that although I didn't attend a women's college most of my help in my career has come from women.</p>

<p>Adding to mountholyoke's post: political science at MHC has been strong historically, so the network of alums doing important and interesting work extends to women who are mid-career and late-career. There are lots of them. The international emphasis today is very impressive.</p>


<p>@ mount holyoke-I am a girl who is highly interested in attending med school but I love Mount Holyoke based on my visit, what alumnae say, my best friend is attending, etc, the diversity...etc. I am going to be a senior and tons of people have encouraged me to apply but I want to know more about the med. school turn out.</p>

<p>How is MHC's reputation in terms of science and going on to med school or getting PhDs? Are there acceptance rate stats (not including the Post-Bac program) or common grad schools that women attend after graduating from MHC? Are there study abroad opportunities for women who are interested in science?</p>

<p>THANK YOU!!!</p>

<p>It's historically strong. Check this part of the MHC website: Mount</a> Holyoke College :: Science Leadership</p>

<p>A quote from that page:

From 1966 to 2004, according to the NSF’s Survey of Earned Doctorates, Mount Holyoke graduated more women than any other liberal arts college who went on to get U.S. doctorates in the physical and life sciences (356 and 109, respectively). This puts Mount Holyoke in the top 2 percent of all colleges and universities--even major research universities with at least double the enrollment and faculty.


<p>For more on pre-med: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you look at the biology department sub page at the MoHo website, there is some discussion of studying abroad for biology majors (which presumably would also include premeds). The real problem is, one has to learn an awful lot of a foreign language to understand any science course taught in a foreign language. So the MoHo bio department says that study abroad is more possible in English speaking countries. It is also suggested taking a semester break from your science major to study abroad in your minor. The other problem is that many upper level courses have required courses that may only be offered during a single semester. If you are away then, well, then you will have problems taking all of the courses that you need when you need them. They also suggest meeting early on in your college life to discuss what science course you might want to study abroad and where. My D starts MoHo in the fall and is planning on biology and music majors. She thinks off and on about vet school. Her thoughts of study abroad are Australia and New Zealand, although I'd like her to go for the UK (much closer to her soon to be lonely parents).</p>

<p>Thanks!!! I think Mount Holyoke is pretty awesome without a doubt! I would absolutely study at an English speaking country, though I do love my Spanish (and my parents are from Bangladesh!) ....I suppose once I get to college I'll be able to look more closely into study of now I totally love the biological/med science field...and research. I can't wait to apply to Mount Holyoke this fall. Best of luck with everything and thanks for your input mount holyoke and ConCerned Dad!!!</p>