MT in DC (American vs. Catholic)

If anyone has compared and contrasted American University’s BA in MT program and Catholic University’s BM in MT program, I would greatly appreciate your insights into them and how they compare to one another.

I understand the basic differences (in general) between BA and BM degrees, but lack a detailed dive on these two programs and curricula specifically. Thanks in advance for anything you can share.

Hi! My D attends Catholic. She did a deep dive into their websites to choose which one she’d audition for, and ultimately chose Catholic because of the training and the strong music component. She also was impressed by the fact that they encourage Jrs and Srs to work professionally in DC, and have a ton of alum working. They also have an affiliation with the Kennedy Centwr and perform there each year.
That being said I cannot speak for American, as she did not ultimately audition/visit there.

My child attends CUA and was also accepted to American. CUA’s program is a much stronger and more rigorous program than the one at American, similar to a BFA but with additional music training. It also has a very good reputation in the industry. However, American is a good choice if your child wants to double-major. With all due respect to LIMTMom, CUA does have an affiliation with the Kennedy Center, but CUA students do not perform there each year.