MT prospective transfer student...questions

<p>Hi all!
I am looking to transfer out of my current MT program into Rider’s MT program for the Fall 2015 semester. Does anyone know the chances of me getting into the Sophomore class as a transfer?
Also, do the MT students get involved/are encouraged to get involved in the rest of the school? Are there any MT students who are, for example, in a sorority, or serve as an RA or tour guide? Thank you in advanced :)</p>

<p>Rider takes transfer students every year. However, the current freshman class is quite large, so i don’t know if/how many they’d accept. The admissions office may be helpful. You could also email Mariann Cook (you can find her email on the website) who is the director of the MT program to ask questions. And yes, there are students in sororities, working as RAs and working as tour guides. I’d encourage you to visit the campus if you’re nearby and/or contact the admissions rep for the College of Performing Arts at Rider to ask lots of questions. </p>

<p>Thanks! Also curious-- does anyone know how selective the Theatre BA major is?</p>