MT Summer Programs in NY

I’m an International student (18 y/o) who’s looking to start a career in musical theatre in my country. Next summer I’ll get the awesome opportunity to go to NY so I can study MT and get to know the city a little.

I’ve already looked into some programs (AADA, Wagner SMTI and IAMT are my top picks for now) and I’d like to know personal experiences if anyone has them, but I’m very open to suggestions! I want the unbiased truth since it’s very hard to get a clear view of what the programs are when you don’t really have enough knowledge about the institutions.

So, to sum up what I’m looking for it would be: a good program, that isn’t super expensive and would cover mostly all the bases (singing, dancing, acting), that lasts something between 2-4 weeks. Nothing too geared for college prep since I (unfortunately) don’t have the means to go to college in the US and hopefully something that would either give me some downtime to explore NY and attend Broadway shows or has that in the program itself. Housing would be a very big plus too since I’ll be going alone.

Any help would be really appreciated because this is a HUGE dream of mine and I really want to get this right.