MU vs. Missouri State

My daughter is having a hard time deciding between MU and Missouri State University. She will be pursuing a degree in Communication Science and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology). Any thoughts or pros/cons for each university?

She will need to get into a Masters program after undergrad. Wondering if attending one over the other will up her chances of getting into a good Masters program (with a good GPA and GRE score of course).

Don’t know anything about the specific programs…is one ranked or resourced significantly better than the other? If you’ve visited, does she like one school more than the other? As a student, how does she compare to the “average” enrolled student?

I think it’s definitely worth a call to the department at each school to find out about grad school matriculation rates, names of grad schools to which recent students have matriculated, job placement data, and anything you can think to ask. Undergrad internship opportunities, for instance.

FWIW, we toured/visited both schools when eldest was looking years ago (2009), along with Truman. We came away thinking all 3 would be great schools to attend.

@clone1995 i dont know the programs but columbia is a huge health center with many clinical opportunities. I cant imagine mo state would have that breadth.