Muhlenberg BA Theater vs American BA MT

My D is accepted into both programs for class of 2024 and we are hoping to get some information on both programs and schools to help her make her decision. Especially because she won’t get the opportunity to visit or sit in on a class due to Covid-19.

THink about which school can the easiest land you top jobs
Think about the location, which college is at the best location especially if you want to find a job there after four years

The money label may be true in most cases but the aid office differs by school to school too. Like a state uni thats less competitive in terms of rank likely has a less financial aid package for you. School with higher ranking may has a higher financial aid for you and cancels more and left less in its amount.
Think about each’s national level ranking which affects tons (on USNWR).
Now left you to decide and look on the national rankings .

Just commented on another thread… happy to answer any other questions! Best of luck!