Muhlenberg class of 2023 RD

Hey guys,
Do any of you know when the regular decisions are out?

Regular Decisions come out on March 19th at 4pm via the portal.

@beenthereanddone Thanks. Are u also one of the prospective students?

No, just aware of the reporting deadline that you were interested in. Best of luck to you!

Waitlisted ! :slight_smile: Here are my stats.

SAT: 1120 superscored

3.43 GPA UW.

Anyone else?? Congrats to those who are in!

Accepted with presidential scholarship, unsure of honors program?

ACT: 29
GPA: 4.1 weighted, 3.96 unweighted

Accepted with the Presidential Scholarship 30K per year. Also was invited to apply for the honors program but that was about a month ago… odd but will apply now. 3.89 GPA, 1390 SAT, TOP 5% of class 20 out of 378. AP and Honors classes. Sports, Clubs, Leadership program, Student Council.

DD accepted with Presidential Scholarship. She has gotten some great acceptances with great money, so unfortunately it will be dropped from her list.

Accepted 20,000 scholarship! 30 ACT 3.7 GPA

Hey, is there a merit scholarship tier above presidential scholarship? I got 30k from them but the tuition is still high. I got accepted into the 7 year dental program with UPENN
My stats:
1540 SAT
National Merit Finalist
4.0 gpa

@Seed322 I believe there is also a full-tuition scholarship, at least there was in prior years. Your cost of tuition will be $23k instead of $53k. Total cost will be approximately $40k. For someone who didn’t get any merit aid, the total cost will be about $70k. So I guarantee you, those who got nothing or less than you are thinking you have it pretty good. If you got a better offer from somewhere else, you can use it to negotiate more merit aid.

Hi there! I got accepted w/ $30k per year - $25k from the presidential scholarship and $5k because I was accepted into the Muhlenberg Scholars Program (one of the Honors programs). My junior year stats are here from an old post of mine:

My senior year gpa uw is 3.98, weighted is 4.7 I think.

So question on these Muhlenberg Scholars Programs. My daughter got 30K per year for a presidential scholarship but we did not apply for the Scholars Program because we thought that you had to wait to apply for it after you got accepted. Now I am being told by the university that she will be placed on an INTEREST list? Wonder if she would have gotten 25k and 5 for the scholars program if we applied up front? Did anyone get 30K for a presidential scholarship AND a Muhlenberg Scholars Program award of 5k too?

Same thing happened to my daughter a number of years ago. She ended up getting into Muhlenberg Scholars and received the extra money on top of what she already was awarded.

@rdtjgk So question. When did she find out about the Muhlenberg Scholars program? Was it after she sent in a deposit or before? Also, how was her experience there? Could you tell me more about the school? Atmosphere, social scene? What is she doing now and how did Muhlenberg help prepare her Any short comings on the school. I really would appreciate an honest opinion good bad or indifferent.