**Muhlenberg College Class of 2023 OFFICIAL**

Hey guys! Feel free to join the thread if you’ve been accepted to the 'berg!!

My S was accepted yesterday ED. He received a phone call from admissions around 3:45. He is very excited to be part of the class of 2023!

My D was accepted also on Friday. She got a call from her admissions counselor around 3. She is thrilled to be part of the class of 2023!

Does anyone know if there is a portal/FB group or anything for accepted students to connect with each other? I’m so excited to officially be a Mule !!

Hmm, she was contacted by the track coach and invited to run with them and schedule a weekend visit staying in the dorms. She just received a letter inviting her to apply for the honors college.

Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with the Office of Assessibility regarding help for executive functioning and ADHD. Son has had IEP since grade school and has been accepted to Muhlenberg and we are trying to figure out how much help he will get at the college and the schools’ attitudes towards kids with LD. They are known to be accepting but I would love to hear from anyone who has experiences with trying to make use of their services.
Thank you

The Office of Accessibility Services at Muhlenberg is one of the best that you could ever hope to find. Your student needs to be ready to self-advocate but the office will support 100%. IEP’s are history now that your student is in college but will provide a basis for the plan going forward. Get your medical documentation and go see them. Start early to insure that everything is in place when your student hits campus to start the first year. Best of luck to you!

Accepted off the waitlist!!