Muhlenberg Early Decision Class of 2023

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the ED acceptance rate for Muhlenberg was and how we will be notified. Thanks! Any info would be appreciated, as I am an ED applicant :slight_smile:

According to their Common Data Set, they accepted 289 ED applicants out of 341 for fall 2018.

Notification comes electronically on 12/15/18; you will have to log into your admissions portal.

Love to see the CDS referenced by a user! (But note that these numbers were for Fall 2017, not 2018)

Muhlenberg traditionally takes this type of percentage (289 out of 341 mentioned above) from their ED applicants. If you are sure Muhlenberg is the right fit and are comfortable with your efc there is no doubt ED makes sense and improves your odds. Best of luck to you!