Muhlenberg honors

What is it like to be in the honors program at Muhlenberg? My daughter received a litter that she is a candidate for either Dana, or Scholars, or RJ? Is one better than the other? Better classes? Professors, trips, opportunities?


My son is a freshman and in the Dana Scholars program. It offers a mentorship and internship aspect that the other programs do not have. He has had a good experience thus far and has made a good number of friends within the program. He was able to go on a trip to Ellis Island as part of a larger group because he was in Dana Scholars. Since he is a freshman, it is all still new to him. Also, the extra merit award you get for being in one of the programs is nice. :smile:

@silverpurple Curious-was she an RD applicant or ED?

Rd. The letter came a little over a week ago.

@silverpurple Thank you! Good to know. Could you share her stats if you are comfortable?

She’s ranked top 1percent in her graduating class and very high sat score.

That’s helpful. Thanks.

@silverpurple is your D an incoming Freshman or Transfer student?