Muhlenberg Premed?

Hi guys, I’ve been looking at schools and am trying to get some insight. The plan, as of now, is to attend medical school in the future. One of the schools that I have been looking at is Muhlenberg College, as people say that its premed program is strong. However, the average gpa/sat for attending students is quite low, which concern me. How good are the academics/opportunities at Muhlenberg compared to other more competitive schools like Emory, Williams, URochester, etc. Also, if anyone has any info on the Muhlenberg/BUSM program, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

This is definitely a very late response so I apologize. Muhlenberg has a great science program, I recommend it strongly. Science classes are pretty hard so you definitely have to put in the effort but the faculty wants to see you do well. Every year we have people going to top med, dental, vet schools and others off to impressive phd programs. As mentioned by others in the form, lower GPAs is because our top major is theater and often times experiences are more important than the grades for them. Some of the science students are really top students who came here because of great financial aid or merit scholarships. At the end of the day for med school the school you attend for undergrad isn’t particularly important. Research opportunities are great as there are no grad students to take the research and other opportunities. The BU program is applied to when you are at Muhlenberg and is binding in the sense that you have to apply there and only there for med school. It is seen as prestigious but I only know 1-2 people who are in it as the Temple program is more popular. Another note is that Muhlenberg is not very cut throat so classmates generally try to help each other. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out.

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