Muhlenberg RD 2024

Does anyone know when they are releasing decisions for Regular Decision??

@sggirl Last year they came out via the portal on 3/19. Good luck to you!

Just got off the phone with Muhlenberg financial aid adviser and he told me decisions will be released on Wednesday 3/18 in the afternoon…He didn’t give a specific time but i assume either 5pm or 7pm.

@NYCpapa Thanks for the info! Its like waiting for paint to dry!!!

Wonder if the Admitted Students Day will potentially be canceled?? We have not had a chance to visit the campus yet :frowning:

I asked him about that too and he said they announced today that they are telling students to stay home with classes going online until April 13th. He said as of right now they have an admitted students day planned for that week and it is still on.

@NYCpapa - Thanks for the update.

One last question, did the financial aid guy happen to mention if the Acceptances come with the financial aid offer?

These RD colleges are killing me. Waiting on 6 colleges. Early Action was great. Have EA acceptances, so at least my kid is going to college somewhere :slight_smile:

he said that financial aid would come right after the admissions decision

We are waiting on 17! But Muhlenberg is a favorite. The waiting is killing us!

Looking at the website, looks like the Admitted Students day is on Saturday, April 18

@Charlie2772 - best of luck!

My daughter got an email from the college today: admissions decisions will be released at 4 PM on Wednesday, March 18. They will be posted on the portal. Financial aid decisions will be released shortly thereafter. Good luck to all!

Looking forward to my daughter hearing today.

A great school for my son. Can’t wait to hear today if he’s made it!

He’s IN!!!
Presidential Merit $27,000
Talent Merit $3500
GPA UW 3.75
SAT 1460
ECs Theatre, Theatre, Theatre, Choir, VP Model UN, member of ADL’s A World of Difference Peer leadership program, MA Boy’s State Elected Attorney General, Honor Societies, years of baseball, more
Strong essays
Fantastic interview

Did anyone apply for the accelerated dental program with Upenn? If so, have you heard back yet?

Congrats @Charlie2772 to you and your son!!

@user013 My D applied to the dental program with UPenn. Haven’t heard back yet, just RD for Muhlenberg.

My daughter was offered the RJ fellow and over 30k merit. Anyone know if they let them defer one year and keep the offer?

I got in but it didn’t say anything about a major?

I dont think my daughter’s letter said anything about a major either.

My daughter is in at Muhlenberg, as of yesterday, 03/18/2020. We don’t know much about it beyond what we read in the Fiske guide and on their website. Can anyone here give us some deeper insight? Possible majors: computer science, psychology, statistics. Thanks.