Muhlenberg Theatre/acting major

My daughter was hoping to be admitted to a conservatory style BFA program but wasn’t- however she was accepted to Muhlenberg College. I know Muhlenberg has a wonderful reputation as a theater school and I think she could have a terrific experience there, though it isn’t what she initially had in mind. I’m wondering if anyone else has been in this position, or if anyone can tell me what it’s like to study acting at Muhlenberg. Thanks!!

I have a DD that isn’t quite sure of her major at the Berg yet, but has taken classes in the theater department both semesters this freshman year. She loved them both. She was impressed with the teachers and learned quite a bit. She did not try out for the main stage productions (but has friends that did and got parts.) However, she’s participated in two red door plays and a workshop play the school put on for HS students. There are many ways to get involved in theater there.

Hi, our daughter will be attending Muhlenberg in the Fall and wants to major in theatre. When we started the process, we would not allow her to apply for BFA as we wanted her to have a more well-rounded education including clubs… She ultimately chose Muhlenberg over acceptances to Sarah Lawrence, Skidmore, Bard, Denison, Mount Holyoke, Bryn Mawr. We couldn’t be happier. We were on campus twice and found everyone to be incredibly friendly and the Theatre Program appears to be top notch. Good luck!