Could someone please chance me for Muhlenberg? I am considering applying ED II! However, I have a low SAT score. I was rejected from Lehigh.

SAT : 1120 superscored, 510 math 610 reading

GPA : 3.43 ( UW , straight A’s this year )

Took college in high school program and national honor society ! Volunteer work as well. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I believe the date has passed - I think it was 2/1.

@Leigh22 I applied regular decision but I later got an email saying I can switch it by Friday!

Muhlenberg might represent a reach for you, but not necessarily an unrealistic one – so, some chance, @mp149285. Best of luck with your decision!

Well then go for it! Yes, it could be a reach, but EDll could definitely up the odds. It is a really good school - good luck!

I think you have a chance. I think your chance might improve if you are able to connect with your admissions person and tell your story. Everyone has one. They want to know yours. What lets you have straight A’s but causes you to stumble on a standardized test. What passions do you have that cause you to volunteer. What would you, uniquely, bring to Muhlenberg. If you can’t have this meeting in person, have it over the phone. And best of luck!

^great advice. It was years ago, but a friend of mine was an excellent student but not a good test taker. She had a tutor, took SAT many times but her score did not improve. She reached out to Muhlenberg admissions and was admitted - majored in dance. Graduated and today owns her own business!

Thank you so much @beenthereanddone and @Leigh22 !!! Sent in my Early Decision II form today! For some reason they extended the ED II to February 15th this year, thankfully! Crossing my fingers :slight_smile:

@mp149285 Best of luck to you. I would still urge you to reach out to your area admissions counselor and have that conversation. Muhlenberg, more that any college I know, wants to get to know their possible admissions. They place a high value on that contact. And again, if you can’t get there to do it person, do it over the phone or at your school if that person is out visiting in your area. They will really appreciate your sincere interest. You’ve got this!

@mp149285 was wondering if you got in? Hope you got good news

Regular Decisions come out on March 19th at 4pm via the portal. Just received the letter today. ALSO if any of your students got a letter about a month ago saying to apply to the honors program that means you are IN. They say that it is not an official yes but a very good sign but every college advisor I talked to said that this is Muhlenbergs way of letting students who qualify for the honor program know they should apply because they basically are in. Kind of weird but I guess when you only have ED and RD and you notify in late March you need to get applications for honors programs in pretty quick. Of course if you did not get this letter it by no means is a NO. Good luck to all.

@Lildeb724 I got waitlisted! Letters came out today. I am glad it is not a rejection, but my hopes are not that high! Thank you all for the suggestions and help, it is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: