Muhlenburg/UPENN 7 year program vs SUNY Stonybrook?

Hi, as May 1 quickly approaches I have narrowed my decision down to 2 schools:
A 7 year combined program between Muhlenburg college and UPenn Dental that guarantees admission to UPENN dental if you achieve a 20 DAT and maintain a 3.5 GPA. I would have to pay 40k each year for Muhlenburg after scholarships
SUNY Stonybrook, which is a good SUNY for health sciences and I got a full tuition there so I only have to pay for room and board.
Which school would you guys recommend me to attend given I know for sure that I want to be a dentist?

Go for the combined program, as long as the cost is affordable. You can always change your mind and drop out of the combined program if needed.

Hey @Seed322, I couldn’t find a way to PM you, so I’m replying to your thread :slight_smile: I am currently a junior that is also planning to become a dentist later on in the future. As someone who have gotten accepted to one of my top choices (Upenn), I was wondering what your stats and extracurriculars were. Are there any specific advices that you can give that you specifically think may have raised your chances upon your acceptance? Replying would really go a long way for me, thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi, personally I would say that in addition to obviously having very strong academics (in my case being a national merit finalist) you should also have hands on dental experience. Shadow local dentists and see how they work up close. Also having activities that involve precise hand skills, such as fine art or playing an instrument, are invaluable. Finally show a clear dedication and passion for the field. Hope this helps!