Muir Writing Program Alternative

<p>For any current Freshman/Sophomores who have not taken either Muir 40 or Muir 50, we can fulfill the Muir writing program requirement with a cool summer course in Dublin, Ireland through the Global Studies program. The course is going to be taught by Carrie Wastal who is a great teacher and fun person. You can apply for financial aid for summer term too. We need between 15 and 30 students to run the course and we need some additional participants to keep it from getting cancelled so if you are interested in a much more enjoyable way to get that Muir writing GE completed - sign up now!!</p>

<p>Do they provide to junior??? Where can I get those information??</p>

<p>Yes, more information please! o___o</p>

<p>Anything > more muir writing.</p>

<p>UC</a> San Diego International Center</p>

<p>Is this offered every year or just this one time? How was it?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, they needed 15 people to sign up and only 7 did so we'll never know.</p>