Multiple high schools

I pulled my son out of school his mid junior year, he is going To finish junior year out where he currently is studying. But he wants to switch to a third high school for his senior year. Does it look really badly on a college transcript? Just wondering what your thoughts are

Not necessarily. It would help if you can explain why you switched schools, but there are lots of reasons kids switch schools. I would imagine during covid that many families had reasons for switching, whether relocation, school policies, change in finances, etc.


Thank you for making me feel better

Collegekid1 went to 3 HSs: started in #1, we moved to a new country & she started in #2, it was a bad fit & we moved her to #3. The hard parts were

  1. ECs: she continued some of the same ones, but leadership positions were scarce for a newcomer;
  2. having teachers who could write a strong LoR; and
  3. joining up the transcripts - mostly just hassle, but also hurt her for class standing, as her first 2 schools didn’t do weighting & the 3rd one did- but didn’t re-calculate for the 1st 2 schools, so her rank was rather lower than it would have been.

But: it was 100% worth it b/c she was so much happier, made friends that have lasted, had some great teachers, and ended up in a college that suited her.

The ‘why’ can kinda-sorta help, but the main thing is the student being willing to push themselves to get to know teachers and find ways to show commitment and maturity.


Thank you, great points.

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