Multiple "intents to register"


<p>Can I do multiple intents to register? What are the penalties, beside the loss of intent deposit?</p>

<p>The UCs say your admission may be jeopardized.</p>

<p>Some students last year did this and had their acceptances rescinded.</p>

<p><<some students="" last="" year="" did="" this="" and="" had="" their="" acceptances="" rescinded.="">></some></p>

<p>Is there any proof of this?</p>

<p>Here's a situation that just popped up. My son left for his senior trip on Tuesday and was scheduled to be back early on Saturday, April 30. However, he was delayed in the airport for 10 hours on Tuesday so they extended the trip by a day and he won't be back until after midnight on May 1st (2nd?) Things do happen that are out of a student's control. I think whether an acceptance will be rescinded, if it ever is for this reason, they would take the circumstances into account.</p>

<p>Actually, May 1 is a Sunday. So do these replies need to be postmarked on April 30 or on May 2?</p>

<p><<actually, may="" 1="" is="" a="" sunday.="" so="" do="" these="" replies="" need="" to="" be="" postmarked="" on="" april="" 30="" or="" 2?="">></actually,></p>

<p>I think it depends on the school. All of the schools my son applied to have a date of May 1st. If anyone needs to know, many airports have 24-hour post offices. :) Dropping the card in your local mailbox at 11 pm will likely result in a May 2nd postmark. I would think anyone pushing it that far should call the college on Monday and make sure they know it's on the way.</p>