Multiple-major advantage?

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I'm planning to go into med school and am doing a biochemistry degree. however, I've always had interests in the liberal arts and so I've planned my schedule so I can also get a political science and english major by the end of senior year(I'm a sophomore now).</p>

<p>assuming I keep my grades at a 3.4 or higher throughout, would doing a triple major impress medical admission officers, or not influence their decision at all? (note: I'm doing these majors because I enjoy them, not just so I can get admission into med)</p>


<p>a 3.4 won't impress the adcoms, its better to do really well in your classes. I think its generally advised that you should aim for a 3.6+ to get in ANYWHERE and 3.8+ to get into super competitive medschools (someone correct me if i'm wrong) and medschools really don't give a crap what you major in</p>

<p>if you don't like biochem then i would advise you to drop that and focus on polisci and enlish, and you're probably overloading on classes or something to get all your degrees. if you haven't started college yet then realize that classes in college take a lot more effort and time than those in high school, and if you have started college don't forget that adcoms want to see you have a life outside of classes (read ec's, volunteering, research, etc...) and you're also going to have to study for the MCAT and also keep room in your schedule for interviewing senior year</p>

<p>^^^^ Exactly.</p>