Multiple Majors?

I got a Rice brochure the other day and there are about 6 majors that interest me. I was wondering what Rice’s rules are regarding more than two majors or minors in addition to applying to different schools. I’m interested in Astronomy (or Astrophysics, depending on how higher math and physics work out), Materials Science and Nanoengineering, and Cell Biology and Biochemistry.

Rice is very friendly in terms of double/multiple major. Many of my friends do some crazy degree plans such as double in math and cs, double in math and stats or double in math-econ and Cell biology. That said, this only represent the small proportion of student body, especially if you are an engineering student.

@DCmultiHao thanks fam! What’s the average number of courses/credit hours per semester and per major, and how are the gen ed requirements?

The max is 20 hours per semester, but generally you don’t want to be that high. The minimum for full-time students is 12. I am a CS major and I usually hover between 13 and 16 per semester. I find that’s plenty challenging, and it allows for more involvement in campus groups and fun social stuff!