Multiple questions about app changes after 1 submition!!

<p>So i have already applied to one common app school and have all my other schools (5) listed and school forms submitted for them.
1) I want to change my main common app essay for one of the schools on my list. Common app says to delete schools from your main app and add them to your alternate common app. Will all my letters of rec (teachers and counselors) and school forms need to be resubmitted?
2) Can lettors of rec be submitted again once you delete the school off your original list and add it to the alternate form?!</p>

<p>Much thanks in advanced!</p>

<li><p>When you delete from your original version it will ask you if you want to move it to your new version. You click yes and everything will move over.</p></li>
<li><p>You won't need to, it all will go to the new version colleges and teacher recs are available to add in the school forms section just like the old version.</p></li>