Multiple SAT testing centers cancelled in our area

Is this happening anywhere else? College Board just refunded our June 5 SAT test fees due to closing the testing site in our area (Central California). They just closed multiple sites in our region and all others are full. I’m guessing it’s because of the UC and CSU’s not requiring the SAT, but there are students who still wanted to get scores for purposes of scholarships or other colleges who are still looking at the SAT. Just curious if this is happening elsewhere.

my friend got her test canceled for almost 3-4 months now. i’m lucky (?) to have a fee waiver and the late fee doesn’t apply to me, so even though my march 13th test was canceled 2 times before the late deadline, i was able to find a test center open within 75 miles that still had seats and i could apply for free. im in socal btw.

I simply would not be giving schools any of my attention who are still requiring SAT or ACT for the basis of acceptance or merit. Those things can evaluated without those scores. There are plenty of schools all around the country who don’t require them. It’s a privilege to be able to leave your home town to find a rest center that is open.

Unfortunately, this has been a widespread reality across the country for a full year. Though COVID cancellations seem to be trailing off in most regions, others are still seeing cancellations (though nothing like the students from India and other countries sharing stories on r/SAT).

I’d be quite surprised if a location cancelled a test administration that they had been planning solely due to CA school policies. The policy has been effective for quite awhile and, iirc, even CA students need scores for various scholarships.

Even though the Collge Board (or ACT) is a non-profit, it’s not in the business to lose money. With far fewer students taking its tests, it has to close down testing sites, especially in locations where there’re dramatic reductions in test takers. This problem will get worse, not better, even with the improving COVID situtation.

My twins are on their 3rd site for June 5th SAT. First site closed and we were able to select another HS in the area, pay the late fee and then wait on hold to have late fee refunded. Then that site was closed and College Board switched us to a 3rd site. Covid #s are very low in our county and high vaccination rate, Mid-Atlantic. I guess we will know if they actually take it the afternoon of June 5.

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