Multiple SSAT scores

<p>I am registering my 11 year-old son for the SSAT for entry into 7th grade next year at a new school. I noticed while registering that one has the option not to include the codes for schools needing to receive the results, that this can in fact be done later online, after the results are in. This leads me to my question. I have the option to sign him up for two takings of the test in December. If I hold off on passing on the scores of the first test, in the event that they are not what we'd hope, can I then only pass on the scores for the, perhaps better, second test without the schools ever knowing his less good first score? Or, in this scenario, at the time I pass on the scores from the second test would the schools automatically receive all previous scores on earlier SSAT tests?</p>

<p>I hope that question makes sense, and thanks in advance for any advice.</p>

<p>I'll bite...And if I am wrong, I am sure others will be quick to jump in to correct.</p>

<p>Yes, "score choice" for BSs is alive and well. Meaning, you don't have to send all the scores. If you hold off until you see what scores, your son earned, you can then elect to send them. If he does terrible the first time, and great the second, you can only send the second set if you want. Nothing will "automatically" go with the second set.</p>

<p>Now, this next part I feel shakey on. I think if you elect to send the scores at the time of registration for the exam, it's free up to a certain number of schools you identify to get the scores. If you have them sent after the fact, you have to pay a fee.</p>

<p>Having two kids now who have gone thru testing at least twice each, I would recommend foregoing the freebies, and waiting to see how he does; then send only the scores you want them to see. </p>

<p>That being said, most of the schools including Deerfield and Hotchkiss said to send everything and that they would give the student the benefit of the doubt and pick only the top scores on all the tests. So if the Math score is higher on the first test, but the Verbal on the second, that they would creat a hybrid "virtual" test with the highest score results from both tests.</p>

<p>I copied this from the FAQ at the website:</p>

When will I receive my scores?
Most scores are released to schools approximately two weeks after a test date.</p>

<p>Can I get my scores by email or over the phone?
No. Scores are released to students via the online student account. For an additional fee, a score report can be sent by US Mail or FedEx.</p>

<p>Will my test site automatically receive my test scores?
No. All score recipients must be indicated in the Score Recipient section of the registration form.</p>

<p>Can I send my scores to a school that is not listed under Score Recipients?
SSAT is not authorized to release scores to non-member institutions. Check the SSAT website, SSAT</a> - Online Guide, for the most current list of member schools and organizations.</p>

<p>Can I register for a test without listing recipients?
Yes. You do not have to list any score recipients when you register. You may designate recipients at any time during the academic year online at no charge.</p>

<p>If I test multiple times during the year, which scores are reported?
SSAT will send official score reports only to those schools you designate. However, please note that, if you test multiple times within the current test year, your official school score reports will indicate that you have multiple scores on file.


SSAT</a> - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the info.</p>