Multiple Test Scores

<p>It didn't really say so on the website, but do you have to send in all ACT scores you have received?</p>

<p>It won't hurt. For purposes of admission, they only use the highest composite set of scores, but after you're admitted, they, for example, use the highest English subscore to see whether that qualifies you to get credit for RHET 105, which fulfills the University's Composition requirement.</p>

<p>It does not require you to send all scores and considers for admission that ACT test with the highest composite. It recommends you send all scores if it would be to your advantage for which there are least two situations. First, it requires an ACT score with writing (or an SAT). But if you meet that requirement (by sending an ACT score with writing or an SAT) and also send an ACT without writing which has a higher composite score, that higher score will be considered for admission. The ACT English section score is used to determine placement in the freshman writing (actually called "Rhetoric") class, a required course. If you get a 32 in English or higher, the requirement to take that course is waived and that 32 can come from any ACT test if you submit multiple tests.</p>

<p>Wow thanks both of you. That just answered all of my questions about the U of I and ACT :)</p>