Multivariable calculus (MVC) in senior year for business or economics major

My daughter is a high school junior student. She is now planning for her senior year courses. She plans to major in Econ or business. She is now taking AP Cal AB which she has a very good grade so far. She loves math. Her HS counselor suggests her to take MVC in her senior year which she is now debating she should take AP stat or MVC? Does Econ or business major requires MVC? Or if she do well in MVC will this make her college application stands out? Or does college care whether you take a AP stat vs MVC?

Typically there is a BC class. That would mean skipping a semester of calculus to take MVC. On top of that there is no guarantee you wouldn’t have to take it again in college. Others may know if you need or not but I would take the AP stat