MUN Secretaries-General

<p>I'm just curious. Does anyone know how much it helps to be Secretary General of Model United Nations? How do the Ivies look at that? Believe me, being SG is quite a task, especially when you're preparing a conference for over 1,000 people like I am. Of course, you have your upper secretariat, but still, it's quite an accomplishment after a successful conference.</p>

<p>i think it depends on how u present it....if you just write it as a line on your resume, no, it wont matter THAT much....if you write an essay abt (even if its a supplementary essay, i think it could have a HUGE effect).....gluck and congrats on the hard work</p>

<p>I love Dostoevsky, the author that is. At first I was a little reluctant to read Russian novels, but after reading The Brothers Karamazov, I can't wait to read Crime and Punishment. ROCK ON!</p>

<p> glad you like him....his style is very interesting....crime and punishment is my favorite book....ill warn u that about 100 pages of it towards the end are a lil boring, but if you cut those out, it is the best book i have ever read....the psychological and socio-cultural commentary is both unique and profound....enjoy the book</p>