MUN- Solution to Terrorism?

<p>Two questions:</p>

<p>1) What do you think is the best method for decreasing terrorism?
2) What do you think is the best method for decreasing terrorism in Israel?</p>

<p>This will help me a lot in brainstorming for the Model UN practice at my school. By the way, are any MUNers going to the William and Mary conference in November?</p>

<li>Get rid of the corruption in the UN first. Then, we can work to build coalitions to fight terrorism.</li>
<li>Never relent. </li>

<p>But somehow, I don't feel like the MUN judges appreciate you saying Number 1. Correct me if I'm wrong?</p>

<p>heh.. heh. well, it's a mock for the William and Mary conference. but still, i don't think my advisor would appreciate that.</p>

<p>1) unprecedented global cooperation, even at the expense of lost sovereignty
2) communication and a new series of nonpartisan negotiations to make a lasting peace</p>

<p>that's so liberal.</p>

<p>Islam causes terrorism. To be able to eliminate terrorism, the Koran must stop saying "kill non muslims"</p>

<p>I had a friend who was Muslim until he went to Toronto. He told me had to commit a jihad, cause it says it in the Koran... he also agreed that if he was a strict follower of it, the killing of non muslims is justified.</p>

<p>the premise of MUN is cooperation. the degree to which we should cooperate is therefore the task at hand. its dumb americans like you who can't realize that the world isn't just "liberal v. conservative" and Bush v. Kerry that makes me think that elitism would work better. that way politicians could actually do what's best for the country instead of pandering to ignorant voters. and just so you know, i'm conservative.</p>

<p>Amen, Justice~</p>

<p>"Islam causes terrorism. To be able to eliminate terrorism, the Koran must stop saying "kill non muslims""</p>

<p>That is the most pathetic statement I have ever read. So I guess all German people hate all Jewish and non-Aryans too then? And I guess that makes all Japanese people terrorists too. You're bigotry is the biggest crock of **** that I have ever seen. I'm not naive - I know that there are some Muslims that do hate all who aren't their fellow counterparts. But you can say the same thing about Christians, Whites, whomever. In all races/religions there are factions that corrupt the true values of the whole. For you to say that "Islam causes terrorism" shows your true character to be that of a fascist pig. </p>

<p>And if your statements were intended to be a joke, than you're just as pathetic.</p>

<p>what country are u representing?</p>

<p>amnesia, dont quote the Quran without reading it you dip*<strong><em>. Your anectodal evidence of your friend is weak. Quran clearly states that killing of ANY innocent is not justified. The word Jihad has been used to define an INNER Battle within oneself against heretic thoughts for atleast 95+% of the Islamic population. There are extremists and the sensationalist media who loves to play with the definition. Islam has been a religion that has never tried to explain or spread itself to the public, just look up the history of the Turks and the Ottomans, people before and after them. Yes, there has been people throughout history that has felt the need to eradicate those with differences (such as the time period with the House of War) and if you say that these certain craven extremists need to be eradicated, you maybe somewhat justfied. Even though I support the war, the method in which people use to *</em></strong> around with words can turn define anything as terrorism, including the war itself, which may not be a holy battle but a sacrifice of humanity for the sake of patriotism and nationalism. If you wish use racial profiling to imply an ethnic genocide or a religious mutation, the world would be left with no human inhabitants and religions. Next time you want to refer to the Quran or any text, read it first, dont bring you insubstancial once upon a time "evidence". I suggest you stop d*ckriding O'Reily, Coulter, Limbaugh, and Liddy.</p>

<p>as for the original question,
vancat is absolutely right on #1
another resolution from the UN is not going to help anyone
but if you must here are some possible (fruitless) ways to go about it
1. immediate unanimous condemning of any nation or state that produces terrorist activities in an effort to place pressure on the government to solve the problem itself, followed by sanctions if neccessary
2. trying to dissuade individual nations from funding isolated groups in nations (for example, so and so needs to stop funding this group (groups that suggest revolutionary motives, etc) so and so in lets say ukraine)
^^^both of these methods will be very unsuccessful</p>

<p>now for something that maybe more useful yet very controversial
- global establishment of Profiling to pick out individuals who maybe more latent to commit a certain dangerous act in desired public places
I believe that something along this line was suggested in the US a couple of years before 9/11. However, it was not used. If it had been 8 or so of the men involved in the hijackings would have been selected and sniffed for security purposes. I understand that I said Islam does not provoke violence and in no way is this targeting a single group, but there are extremists present everywhere. This would point out who shouldnt be where and provides security for the sake of the world. I, as a Muslim, will be satisfied with such profiling methods and extra checks (people wanna strip search me anyhow) as long as it comforts the nation and saves me from listening to some of this farcical facist bull*****. Over due time, the targeted groups will be able to regain the trust by overcoming the statistics.</p>

<p>United Nations, of course, has no power except to write some friendly resolutions. As for Israel, they have condemned them innumerable times and tried to resolve conflict, to no use. (Try searching BBC for better Israel stuff).</p>