<p>Just to help me brainstorm for the upcoming conference...
Do any of you have suggestions for proposals on how to act in:</p>

<p>1) providing a criminal justice framework in developing states
2) solving political corruption in Brazil</p>

<p>Just for the record, I am representing DPRK (North Korea) in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.</p>

<p>Thanks so much, kids. ;]</p>

<p>That's awesome. North Korea's a great country to represent now.</p>

<p>For criminal justice, it seems to me that they'd want a framework that upheld the tenets of the existing societies. They wouldn't want a Western-style system of justice imposed on other countries. I don't know much about NK, but they'd probably be against anything that could be takes as an expansion of Western interests. You'd probably want a very general framework that would leave room for the individual countries to vary it as it was needed. You may also want to look up their own legal system and see if it gives you any insights. As for Brazil, well, I can't help you there.</p>

<p>Also, be sure to end any speech you give with "Death to America." :-)</p>

<p>Hey, thanks
Another question: How could I defend minimal UN interference? I believe that virtually all of the other countries in the committee would disagree.</p>