Music 20A for music noobs?

<p>How would you guys recommend taking Music 20A if you don't have a strong (or any) music theory background? Also, is the work equivalent to 2 units of work?</p>

<p>I was in the class for about 2 weeks ... the class is taught by GSIs and the one I had told me that the work load is probably NOT equivalent to a 2 unit class (probably a 3 unit class)</p>

<p>I disagree. You only get occasional homework and if you do have trouble singing, you can use the virtual keyboard from your computer. (if you still have trouble, tutors are always available during the day) Both midterms and finals consist mostly singing and some theory and there shouldn't be a problem if you attend the class on regular basis. Definitely a 2-unit class that works and feels like a 2-unit class and a great way to fulfill your Arts & Literature requirement.</p>