Music and theatre at Macalester?

So I just got off the waitlist at Macalester and am thrilled. Everything I have learned about it sounds amazing- professors, location, people, academics, etc… I am planning on pursuing a double major in theatre and music and would love to get any insight into those two departments at Macalester. Are they notable? Good professors? Curriculum? Extra curriculars? What’s the arts community like? Is Mac a good school for someone interested in these subject areas? Really ANY info would be helpful- thanks so much!

I am curious too. The Janet Wallace building looks amazing, and it’s nice that they are putting so much money into the arts, but what’s the music, theater and art culture like? How does it compare to some obvious competitors (Oberlin, Carleton, Lawrence, Wesleyan, Vassar, Five Colleges, Claremont Colleges, etc.)?