Music Business Degree

<p>I want to go to school for Music Business. Any advice or suggestions on good school will be appreciated.</p>

<p>That's Belmont's baliwick. Middle TN State University also has a big music business program. If you're looking for a LAC, you can come on down I-40 to Rhodes in Memphis and double in music and business and intern at Stax or similar places.</p>

<p>I was just looking at Belmont's program, it's appears pretty comprehensive. I think there's something to be gained from attending college in an area that has strong ties to the business. I just did a search on the major category "music management" which turned up 86 schools. College</a> Navigator - Search Results Maybe if you crossed that list with locations like Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, and maybe Austin, you could come up with some good alternatives.</p>

<p>thank you im not looking to be a musician but looking to work in the music industry its my passion and cant see myself doing anything else i have been looking at full sail university but im not sure yet</p>

<p>This major has been discussed on the music forum here on CC.</p>

<p>Csun and chico state for west coast state schools. Awesome music business industry programs and facilities. </p>

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