music business major (NYU)

<p>Hey to all!</p>

<p>So, as most of you know, I am auditioning at schools for vocal performance (and one school for musical theater.) But, I have been researching NYU's music dept in Steinhardt and have grown fond of it (at least on paper, that is.) I like their vocal performance program curriculum, but...I have recently been looking into their music business program. I am not necessarily the most skilled business person but, I feel like maybe auditioning for this program has its many pros/cons, so that it's more well-rounded (if I so chose to want a liberal arts education--still up in the air,) and prepares you for the world of music and for business (which could help in the long run--since music is essentially a business when you get down to the nitty gritty.)</p>

<p>Now, I'm not hopping up and down over this, but I am curious to know some thoughts. Do you think this would be a good side idea? (I still will probably go for vocal performance, but this sparked some interest in me.)</p>

<p>Anything you can do to enhance your chances of "making it" is a good idea. I think combining these programs is a wise decision and can do nothing but help you in the years to come. It might provide opportunities you would have otherwise missed. It also will increase your ability to network. ( Extremely important!!).</p>

<p>This is one of the best music business programs in the country. They are famous for their internships. NYU is not known for its performance. Of the New York City music schools, it is the least exciting performance program. We have a friend who was there for jazz trumpet, but left--it was not what she was looking for. The NYU students are not seen gigging around the NYC clubs like the Manhattan, New School and Julliard kids. So, if you have a keen interest in music business (it's competetive to get in), Steinhardt is a good choice.</p>

<p>At NYU, you would have to apply to either music business or vocal cannot do both. However, both programs require the same core music courses (ie: history, theory, compostion etc.) But, you will not have the opportunity to take vocal performance classes for credit like the vocal performance majors. However, as a music major at Steinhardt, you will have the opportuinty to audition for Steinhardt shows. One of the requirements for acceptance into the music business program is solid math scores on the SAT(600 to 650 plus as a minimum) and a strong math curriculum in high school. They prefer kids who have taken calculus. Good luck!</p>