Music Degree without Conservatory

Is there a BA for Music that you can receive at Lawrence without going through the Conservatory? I have looked through the website and it’s a little confusing as most of the information about a music degree pertains to the BMus designation and you must audition for the Conservatory for that. But then under potential BA degrees it lists a Music major and minor as possibilities and does not discuss having to audition but you may participate in extra paid private lessons, all classes that are open to qualified Lawrence students, and ensembles. So is there a BMus degree and a separate BA in Music at Lawrence or are the one in the same?

I don’t think there is a separate degree in music outside of the conservatory but you should make a quick call to the Admissions office just to make sure.

Thank you. Great suggestion so I did that. Their response was that no matter what type of music degree you were getting, an audition for the conservatory was necessary. So audition he will! I appreciate you replying!

I was confused by that as well. On our two visits we were told that yes an audition was required, however on rare occasions if a student wasn’t quite up to par with what they were looking for in the conservatory they could possibly be admitted as a BA student to re-audition later in freshman year for BM track. That is how the Dean went through the school many years ago before getting his performance degree. He still occasionally performs with the trombone studio. At least on my son’s instrument, there are two professors offering lessons, one for conservatory students and one for non-conservatory students involved in music.