Music Department

Anyone know about difficulty in getting classes to fulfill the music major at Brandeis? We ran across a complaint from a student. The course offerings do look a little slim, especially compared to Emory where my daughter was also accepted. She intends to major in music and something in the humanities. Was offered pretty equivalent aid from both, including a humanities scholarship from Brandeis that I think she’d love to accept if she didn’t have worries about the music department. Thanks for any feedback!

@Sanneh7, my D is a music major and has no issues getting classes to fulfill the requirements. You build your schedule around the classes that are required for your major, when they are offered. For example, you need to do the first year of theory before starting the music history classes. Meanwhile, you can take a music elective. And there is a lot of overlap with the humanities, which is a good thing for students who want to integrate their music with other disciplines and make a cohesive path.