Music Ed Major

<p>I found out on the music school's website that there seems to be some forms to fill out before school music ed majors have to submit a private lesson assignment? I'm not clear if it's required for music ed majors...does it count as your "principal"? if I also want to take voice lessons as a secondary instrument, do I have to fill the form out before orientation? Can anyone recommend a piano and a voice teacher?</p>

<p>Is there a theory placement exam for new students? or just for the transfers? (or is it required for new students?) What about international students who are unable to attend the music orientation? </p>

<p>Can someone tell me about the difference between the several singing groups (open for all or for music school students) at UMich? How hard are the auditions? (is joining an ensemble a requirement for an ed major?) is there also piano performance/accompaniment opportunities for a choral ed with piano emphasis? </p>

<p>I didn't hear about the private lesson assignment and the theory exam directly from the there something else I need to fill out?</p>

<p>Are you planning to attend orientation? Theory placement is indeed mandatory for all. The rest of your questions, counseling and specific instructions about how to place in studios will all be given to you at orientation. That is also when your registration for classes occurs, and many of the music classes are "closed" online until you are issued a permission override. Studios are not assigned til late August.
I believe international student orientation is held right before school starts so there's no need for a second air ticket; they will also likely hold spots for you. But because you have so many questions, I suggest calling them directly presently to sort out what you need to be researching to make for a smooth orientation. Eg. all faculty have listings on the website -- go read their cvs and listen to their music to determine who you like. Your degree requirements are also spelled out in the student handbook for admitted students, which is available on the music site. That should get you started.</p>