Music & Instruments @ Cornell

<p>Alright, I got accepted ED!</p>

<p>When I move in, I will be bringing a 6-string electric guitar, a 12-string electric guitar, and an electric bass..... so that's 3 guitars. On top of that, two fairly big amplifiers and an effects pedalboard. I will need all this to form a hard-rockin' band (w00t) at Cornell.</p>

<p>Now, my questions:
[<em>]I live in Vancouver. How would I bring my instruments?
[</em>]Where would I store it at Cornell (I don't plan on living on the JAM program house)?
[<em>]If I am able to use the practice space at JAM (I hear there is a membership of some sort for non-JAM people), which dorms would be closest or are they all fairly close to each other?
[</em>]Will I be able to practice in my room (if it is a single) without using headphones?
[*]If/When I form a band, where could we be able to rehearse?</p>

<p>I''ve got a question as well.</p>

<p>I play the piano and obviously I can't bring one over. What do I do?</p>

<p>fedex it ASAP.</p>


<p>i recommend getting a line 6 POD, or something of that sorts. I have a Fender ProJr amp that i use in my room, though sometimes it can get a little loud. I have two Marshall stacks that i keep at home :) - i'll be keeping these home however</p>

<p>Since I'm in India, there's no way i can bring my 80 Watt... Probably buy one in NY</p>

<p>Oh ya, and 2 guitars... Its gonna be hard bringing it all the way... Is there seriously enough place to keep this stuff in your room?</p>

<p>Well, I'm going to have to find space for 3 guitars and at least 1 amp if I am going to write songs and play in a band (as I am right now).</p>

<p>jrcho: You will bring your instruments either as luggage or by shipping them. </p>

<p>The closest academic building to the freshman dorms is Lincoln Hall, the music building. You can rent lockers there, and you can get your ID card encoded so you have 24 hour access to the building to use the practice rooms.</p>

<p>You can't select your dorm, so it doesn't matter which building is closest. Also, all of the freshman dorms are next to each other.</p>

<p>If you practice in your room without headphones with a low amount of amplification, it is fine unless someone next door says "can you stop you're too loud." In my hall, people rarely complain about noise, and when they do, the offender complies by lowering the volume of his stereo or whatever, and everyone is happy.</p>

<p>You can reserve practice time in JAM if you need a room big enough for a band.</p>

<p>HeyThatsLife: You could buy a keyboard; weighted keys are obviously nicer--I would recommend this aquisition for a music major. There are pianos in most (all? except townhouses) of the dorms. Some have uprights. I know in dickson, I live right above a steinway babygrand, which is pretty sweet. You can also practice on the numerous babygrands in the practice rooms at Lincoln Hall 24 hours a day for $80 per academic year. If you just want an upright, that's only $20. (Technically it's 40 I think, but that's only if you want to reserve time, which is unnecessary except at peak afternoon hours.)</p>

<p>MetallicManiac: If you are referring to a difference in the voltage, I have a friend from Namibia who just has a transformer for his amp. However, if you're going to be at college, buying an amp. 2nd hand on ebay and leaving your current one at home might not be a bad idea, regardless of your reason for not wanting to transport the original one. Think of all the people who bought an amp and then realize they don't actually want to be a rockstar? ;)</p>