Music Major- Engineering minor

Hi guys,
I’m a music composition major, and I’m considering adding an electrical engineering minor. I got interested in musical production and sound engineering, I have no experience with it yet, and I’m hoping that this minor, classes like circuits, signals and systems could benefit me. I can handle classes like math and physics, but I’m afraid that it’s gonna take too much time, energy away from music. Would it be just a waste of time to add the minor, or it could help me in my career?

There are areas within music that you might want to look into, though the terminology varies (see other threads on music technology). Music technology, studio production, sound production, audio production, audio engineering (this one not in music), recording arts technology and so on.

If you are a composition major already, you should have ample opportunity within that major to get into some of this area. Do you do electronics with any pieces? Electroacoustic work?

Most composers become somewhat proficient in using technology and studio production. It seems unnecessary to add an engineering minor unless your school really doesn’t offer any courses or path for gaining the skills you want.