Music Major & Pre-Med?

<p>Is it difficult to study Music and do Pre-Med at the same time? How much free time would I have or how busy would I be?</p>


<p>It depends on extend that you are planning to study Music and how many other EC's you will have. My D. graduated with Music Composition Minor, and it was not adding to her challenges, it was providing R&R away from science classes. It has worked for her. However, she would not do Music Major and she would not have Music Performance Minor either, too much commitment. On the other hand, I know some pre-meds in selective Conservatory of Music. So, I assume that it is possible. You have to try and see yourself. As for my D., she has very wide range of interests, she would not commit so much to one of them. D. is in Med. School currently where she participated in Opera production, which was a fund raiser for Free Clinic. She had fun doing that!!</p>

<p>Like Miami said--it depends. </p>

<p>D1 has a classmate who majored in music theory and performance (but this was at a state flagship U and not a conservatory) and minored in biochem. He didn't do a single day of chem/bio research. (But he did write s senior thesis on theory of blues composition and wrote and performed a 1-hour solo musical performance.) He did have plenty of medical-related ECs (shadowing, hospital volunteer--he played music at nursing homes among other things) and did well on his MCAT. So doing both is quite possible if you're good at time management.</p>

<p>One caveat---the content of the MCAT will change beginning in Jan 2015. It will include more science & math (biochem, genetics, cellular & molecular bio, stats) plus will have a whole new section devoted to social science (psych, soc, ethics). Because the MCAT is changing med schools are revising their admission requirements. Please keep in contact with the pre-med advisor at your future school to see how these changes materialize and how they will affect you.</p>

<p>^Great point. Even with current (old) MCAT, D. indicated that first Bio class material was not on MCAT at all. She definitely used material from Physiology, Genetics and other upper Bio classes. So, even with current MCAT, I would suggest taking Bio beyond Med. School requirement.</p>

<p>Hi MrMyself,</p>

Is it difficult to study Music and do Pre-Med at the same time? How much free time would I have or how busy would I be?


<p>Doing music and pre-med is no problem at all. I know several people doing just that. I am pre-med, majoring in piano performance and chemistry(dual degree BA/BS). The practice takes time, but I've been doing this since I was 6 years old, so I'm used to it :)</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>