Music Performance Program

<p>Are any of the CU students on here in (or know somebody who is in) the music performance program? I would love to do it next year, but not at the expense of dedicating the amount of time that a performance major would elsewhere. In that respect, would it be more beneficial to just take weekly lessons for credit or audition for the MPP? Also, in the bulletin I noticed that you can participate in some performing ensembles for credit, but the Wind Ensemble isn't listed. Would I not get credit for that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Since no students have yet replied, I'll add what I know from my S's experience. He's been in several ensembles and, last year, also took individual lessons through the MPP. It doesn't add up to the time consumed by a performance major. A two-hour weekly rehearsal for one ensemble, twice a week for the other, and a once-a-week lesson. How much you want to practice is up to you. I don't think he practiced much, cause this was for fun, and the fact that he could play in ensembles and even get lessons without a lot of commitment or pressure was one of the reasons he chose Columbia. I think some of the ensembles you can take for credit or not for credit, but I don't know about the Wind Ensemble in particular since he wasn't in that one. He did say that around the time of performances, especially end of the semester, when there was extra-rehearsal time, things got a little more difficult to juggle. This year (snr) he dropped the lessons and one ensemble, because he took some very time consuming courses and was also filling out a lot of applications.</p>

<p>Hope that helps. Enjoy.</p>

<p>Thank you, sac!</p>

<p>Is the Music Performance Program available to Barnard students, too?</p>

<p>I took advantage of an exchange program CC/SEAS has with Teachers College, where you can take music lessons (and join chamber groups) over at TC, for a small fee that your school pays to TC. So I got free piano lessons for as long as I wanted them.</p>

<p>Also, I don't think any of the members of Vampire Weekend were music majors or in this program. So, like, it's possible to do whatever you want musically without being in an explicit performance program.</p>