Music program: AU or GWU?

<p>I didn't apply to Georgetown unfortunately which seems to have a very reputable program, but I did apply to AU and GWU. Which of the two has a better music program? I'm leaning towards AU right now simply because it has an orchestra as opposed to GWUs marching band but I haven't seen any comparisons between their actual music programs.</p>

<p>The strengths and weaknesses of both programs are the same. They have lots of working musicians - both classical and jazz, some world famous, who teach at each school. But relative to school size, each is relatively small, and the number of majors even smaller. AU has the benefit of a BA program in Business and Music. </p>

<p>But if you were seriously, seriously into music, I'd probably choose neither. And if you wanted a serious jazz music program in DC, Howard University is far better than either.</p>

<p>If you are NOT majoring in music, then AU is a great place to be. Anyone can audition for the orchestra and other ensembles and there are many opportunities to play as a non-music major. If you plan to major in music, remember that you pick the teacher first, then the school. So, if there is a particular teacher that you want to study with at AU, by all means audition. But otherwise, there are many better schools for music out there. (My D is a Musical Theatre major and studies voice at AU. Loves her teacher, but she is not a music major.)</p>

<p>Someone I know transferred from Eastman School of Music to University of Maryland for music education. Have you considered UMD?</p>