Music scene.

<p>So I know almost every college will have some sort of music opportunity, but how's the music scene at Earlham?</p>

<p>Like if I go there what are the chances of finding some people to start a band with? More of a Coldplay/Counting Crows/U2/Keane type band. Not really a folk band, although that would be cool to mess around with. </p>

<p>To go along with that question. How is the music department? I am really interested in ethnomusic and would like to even try to fit that into a sort of pop/rock band. </p>

<p>Basically, sum up everything that you know about music at Earlham. Thanks!</p>

I know this is an old thread but I am curious about this, too.

Earlham is less of a spectator school than a participant school. There are numerous vocal and instrumental groups. Activity can come and go based on interest. Vocal music has been active for many years, but it is only in recent years that the instrumental program has been particularly strong. The new performing arts center should also invigorate the music scene.

That said, I don’t have any direct answers about interest in pick up bands. Likely it will depend on who is available when you are there. It is a little easier for folk musicians as they can often perform as individuals or as groups depending on who is available.

Not a very satisfying answer. There have been times when bands form - not sure what the situation is like right now…

I don’t know anything about pick-up bands at Earlham although I agree with maffdad that luck plays a large part in it. I do know that in the new Center for Visual & Perf Arts, there is one large room dedicated to Javanese gamalans and there might have been other percussive instruments in it; I don’t remember. I do remember thinking, “Only a private college!”. So you definitely should check out Earlham’s ethnomusicology/nonWestern options. I also remember a new recording studio, too. Though perhaps not your interest, there do seem to be at least 3 choirs and my daughter really enjoys the director of hers.