Music scholarships fellowships at Rhodes?

As parent of a junior in high school who may apply next year, I am curious who auditioned for music scholarships and fellowships at Rhodes? This year or previous years?

How is the Orchestra and other music ensembles?

How did the audition day go? It appears it was in late January - which seems really early as far as music auditions go. And it appears there was only one on campus audition day, if I am reading the website correctly.

If you are willing to share or PM with me. I would appreciate your experience.

I’d like to get clarity on the ability to stack talent fellowships with academic scholarships.

And perhaps a $ range of talent awards. Seems I should be able to get this from the website, but I am finding some pretty broad conflicting information, as I am sure they are often updating this information.

Hello, our daughter auditioned and received one of the voice fellowships for the class of 2019. Here’s what I can remember! Auditioned on campus in January. Audition tapes could be mailed but go in person if at all possible and interest is high. We were told scholarships could be stacked but……when fellowship arrived, it was “smaller than they wanted to give” due to the amount of her academic scholarship. I think there is some stacking available, but you can’t probably stack and surpass some of the highest awards. Let me rephrase, daughters academic award was quick good, if she would have received the highest music fellowship also, then her total awards would have surpassed the biggest scholarship for academics……I think thats the trigger. But again, our knowledge is only on the vocal side. Can’t express how positive the experience has been, and the genuineness of everyone involved with the audition/fellowship process.

Thanks @rhodesmom2019! Good information. Congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance and merit awards. We look forward to visiting Rhodes in the fall. Sounds like a great place!

Be sure to watch the dates carefully as they do come quickly. We learned that all students can participate in the music program even if they miss the scholarship opportunity.