music scholarships for non-music majors

<p>My daughter plays an oboe as a high school student. Would music sholarships be abvailable even though she does not plan to major in music? Would she need to consider schools with strong music programs or have a better chance at a school with less competetive music students?</p>

<p>This is really specific to each school. Some schools will offer music scholarships to non-music majors and others will not. You will need to check the websites for each school you are interested in. As a general rule, I would look for schools with strongish music programs, but not necessarily top programs. Schools such as Oberlin and Rice will not make scholarships available to non-music majors, but I believe that both Lawrence and St. Olaf do - 2 schools with strongs programs. Most schools offering music scholarships of any kind will require an audition. Some schools will accept a tape in lieu of an audition, but if you are very seriously competing for scholarship money the live audition is preferred.</p>

<p>As far as the competition level, even with strong programs, this will vary from school to school depending on the strenght of the oboe teacher. If the school has an exceptionally strong oboe teacher, then then competition for oboeists will be greater. You can also call the music departments of the schools of interest and inquire about their need for oboe players.</p>