music scholarships

<p>Does anyone know of any scholarships for students who have participated in music groups through high school that don't require the student to be planning on majoring in music?
I can't seem to find anything...</p>

<p>You can contact the colleges. Some schools have small stipends for students who continue playing their instruments in ensembles during college. This is usually the case for smaller schools who are trying to fill orchestral seats as needed. DD (not a music major) receives a small performance stipend each term. The condition of her scholarship is that she continue to PLAY in the orchestra. She attends a school with a small music department that does have an orchestra. She also plays two instruments that are usually in shortage (in other words, not flute or trumpet).</p>

<p>Your best bet it to contact each school. Some schools do not give music scholarships to anyone except music majors.</p>

<p>St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN) offers music scholarships to anyone, no matter the major- the catch is that you must continue taking lessons and participate in an ensemble. This is the only school I've heard of that does this, but there must be some others out there. I know that some schools allow you to send in an "Arts Supplement" that demonstrates your proficiency in music, dance, visual arts, etc., and use it as part of the admissions process.</p>

<p>have you tried NFAA Arts Awards?</p>