Music School

<p>does anyone know what the decision turn-around time is after a music audition?</p>

<p>dd auditioned there on Feb 14th. She was told about 2 weeks. We haven't heard anything yet. Nancy</p>

<p>thanks! we were there the same day! Instrument or voice? My D. is one of many sopranos!</p>

<p>Are you from PA? We are out of state (NY) and I am wondering about IUP's reputation, both music and generally. My D. loves it, and I left with positive impressions too (we also visited last fall). Do you have any input/thoughts? We're trying to compare with a couple of our state schools as well as a couple privates that she has applied to/auditioned at. Of course, it may largely depend on where/if she gets accepted to the school of music! Thanks for any insights you may have.</p>

<p>My dd is an oboist and we are from PA. IUP does have a good reputation around here for music. The facilities are awesome. It does have a label as being a party school but I think all colleges can be a party school if you want it to be. DD attended Drum Major Academy at IUP the last 2 summers and enjoyed it there very much. She was accepted to IUP last fall but we are waiting for the music decision. When she auditioned the professor seemed to indicate that she would get in but we'll just have to wait and see. So far she auditioned at 7 schools, got accepted at 1 and we are waiting to hear from the rest. This process is like an adventure but you don't know how its going to end. Good Luck to your D. Nancy</p>

<p>We briefly met the oboe teacher when we were there in the fall, oboe being my d's distant third instrument, after voice and piano. Everyone there was so nice! Agree with you about the facilities and party school philosophy. D. was also academically accepted some months ago, this waiting on the music school thumbs up or down is crazy! She also applied to the Honors College and hasn't heard on that either. Good luck to you both too!</p>

<p>My D received her acceptance letter today for the Music Dept. Nancy</p>

<p>nothing in our mail today! Thinking positively that it just takes longer from PA to NY! Or, negatively, that there are so many vocalists that they wait til they have heard them all. congrats to her, has she heard from anywhere else yet?</p>

<p>She was accepted into Temple also. We found out about 10 days after her audition in January. We are now waiting to hear from Juilliard, Curtis, CIM, CMU and Oberlin. Did your D audition on 2/14 also?</p>

<p>Yes, we were at IUP on 2/14. You have a more selective list than ours- Ithaca, Syracuse, SUNYs Fredonia and Purchase. Went to IUP because D. really liked one of the voice faculty there who she met at a summer program last year.</p>